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Smart Schools Award


Anula Primary School is a proud and quality provider of preschool, primary and intensive English education. The school is nestled in the leafy suburb of Anula, surrounded by parkland which is home to a large population of Frilled Necked Lizards. The school grounds are a delight to walk around and offer a wonderful area for the children to play. Inside the school, the open-planned design lends itself to collaborative teaching and student-centred learning.

Anula Primary School has been serving the community since 1978 and prides itself on the high quality teaching and learning programs on offer. In 2009, the Early Years Team was awarded the Teaching Team of the Year at the Northern Territory Teaching Awards and in 2012 the Early Years team won the Excellence in Early Childhood category of the Smart School Awards.

In 1981 the Intensive English School (IES) was established at Anula School.  This was to cater for the growing number of migrant families settling in Darwin who needed to learn English. The intensive English program is a 12 month program which gives students with little or not English the very best opportunity for success at school. Once the student graduates they are able to enroll at the school of their choice. The IES is a vibrant, integral part of our school community and caters for approximately 100 international students.

Anula Primary School provides a positive, nurturing and multi-cultural environment with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy. The specialist programs enrich the students learning and consist of: Visual Art, PE & Health and Library. We employ specialised English as Second Language (ESL) Teachers and a Special Education Teacher to ensure ALL students’ learning needs are well catered for at our school.

Anula Primary School's motto is Lifelong Learning and our 5 Core Values are Respect, Doing your Best, Collaboration, Honesty and Responsibility. Anula Primary School is a very special place and an outstanding learning community, of which I am proud to be the Principal.


Ms Kerry Hudson


Northern Territory Department of Education
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